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About Indian Crystal Company

Indian Crystal Company provides healing crystals for strengthening the body, mind and resolving issues through various forms of natural crystals and gem stones since 2011. The organisation has been sourcing and dealing in vast variety of high quality crystals and gemstones with a clean and proven track record. With well qualified expertise and nearly 10 years of prolonged experience in testing and suggesting genuineness, utmost care is taken to provide the best quality product with best of further personalized guidance.

Indian Crystal Company's Work Culture

We are a team of well motivated and expertised group, equipped with best of resources to render our services. We work in a very cordial and friendly atmosphere, always ready to serve to the best of our abilities. At Indian Crystal Company we do not expect nor promise miracles. The aim is to provide slow steady but assured healing, and we strive for it. We try to achieve the confidence of those to be healed and that results to much more than a miracle.

Why Indian Crystal Company

With well qualified expertise for nearly 10 years of experience in testing and analysis of genuineness where in utmost care is taken to provide the best quality product with best of further personalized guidance and support. We source the gems and crystals from the places of origin. We have cultivated a vast number of satisfied clientele from varied walks life worldwide. We do not propagate nor recommend Crystal Healing as an alternate therapy, an as there is no intake, one could comfortably continue any other healing method along with it. Two persons with the same ailment can simultaneously use a single crystal. Best results would still be obviously felt by the patient. The healing process is scientific and it works on chemical properties of the healing crystals and gem stones. Further at Indian Crystal Company we specialize in Aura analysis, Crystal healing, Meditation, Numerology, Reiki, Vastu Consultancy and Past life Regression analysis.

We are committed to deliver the goods with in 48-72 hrs of the order confirmation. We dispatch the courier through reputed courier services with insurance (on request). In case the goods are not delivered within 10-15 working days than we dispatch the goods again with no extra cost.